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Guardianships and Conservatorships

What is a Guardianship or a Conservatorship?

When minors or disabled and incompetent adults require assistance and supervision managing themselves and their finances, the appointment of a guardian or conservator often becomes necessary.  This appointment helps to protect the individual’s rights and property during their lifetime while allowing them to live a life of dignity.  The appointment of a guardian or conservator is done by following a strict probate court process.  The attorneys at Winston Law Group can work with families throughout this complicated process, steering them through the legal maze with speed and compassion.

Is the Process Lengthy and Complex?

In some situations, a less formal plan can be created for the individual, eliminating the long term involvement of the probate court. Our attorneys can evaluate your situation to determine a plan to best suit your needs.  If the need for a guardian or conservator arises on a temporary or emergency basis, we can assist you and your family in obtaining an appointment in the necessary time frame.

Our attorneys are experienced and able to assist you in obtaining the initial appointment, as well as with all ongoing services involved in the guardianship and conservatorship process, including reviews, accountings and any changes required along the way.

Because of our expertise and reputation, our attorneys have been appointed by the Massachusetts courts to serve as guardian ad litem and fiduciaries in many cases.  We can also assist your family by serving as guardians or conservators if a family member or other individual is not available.

Our Guardianship & Conversatorship Attorneys

Our guardianship and conservatorship attorneys are readily available to address all of your legal concerns with the utmost respect and care.  Contact one of them today.