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Trust Administration

Whether you are considering establishing a trust for yourself, your loved ones, or your estate, or you have been charged with the fiduciary responsibilities of serving as a trustee, experienced legal advice is an essential component.  Often times, individuals lack the experience and expertise to properly manage and administer a trust under their control. Proper legal support provides both trustees and beneficiaries with security and peace of mind while ensuring the success of the trust for the long term.

Trust Administration

Each trust administration is different due to varying terms, beneficiaries, size and type of assets, liquidity requirements and trust objectives.  At Winston Law Group, we not only counsel our clients for proper trust administration, but we also served as professional fiduciaries, and have provided our clients with trust administration and management services for over thirty years. Our attorneys can assist you with:

  • Choose the best trust tool for your unique situation
  • Draft the trust and accompanying documents
  • Prepare the trust for ease of administration
  • Ensure proper documentation for funding and accounting
  • Manage the trust administration process
  • Assist in fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities
  • Serve as co or successor Trustee if necessary

Trustee Duties

Trustees have a significant responsibility to adhere to the law, protect beneficiaries’ best interests, and perform fiduciary duties faithfully and prudently, especially with the investment of trust monies. Without proper legal guidance, this burden can be both overwhelming and present a significant exposure to liability. Our lawyers have the expertise to perform or guide you safely through trust administration, easing your burden and liability.

  • Determine beneficiary needs
  • Invest trust assets
  • Consider public benefits eligibility
  • Make proper distributions
  • Pay taxes and filing tax returns
  • Enforce trust provisions according to fiduciary law

Once the trust is created, we can continue to provide the support that is needed for proper maintenance and management by serving as a professional Trustee, co-Trustee with family members, Trust Protector, or administering the trust on behalf of family or other Trustees.

We offer continuing benefit eligibility support, tax returns, accountings and periodic redetermination reports to agencies and courts. If needed, we have a Certified Public Accountant on staff who is experienced in trust administration to prepare your required tax filings.

We Can Help the Family Fiduciary

  • Provide or arrange for accounting services
  • Collect and account for all income and principal transactions
  • Pay fiduciary expenses and bills
  • Communicate details of transactions and other important information
  • Determine an investment objective for each fiduciary account
  • Assist with investment management decisions for trust assets
  • Hire a qualified investment manager
  • Administer trust related insurance policies
  • Arrange for tax withholdings and return preparation

Let us ease your burden.  Contact us today to arrange an appointment to meet with one of our trust attorneys.