Setting up a Guardianship for Adult Disabled Child (or Other Family Member)

Do I need a Guardianship for Adult Disabled Child?

Parents frequently tell us that they have been told by someone such as a medical provider or institution administrator that their disabled child must have a formal guardianship granted by the Probate Court when the child reaches adulthood, which in Massachusetts is age 18. Unless the child obviously has very little or no judgmental capacity, our usual response is to first evaluate from a legal and medical perspective whether a less formal…

Choosing Your Medicare Prescription Drug Provider

With the addition of prescription drug coverage under Medicare Part D in 2006, Medicare beneficiaries need to select an insurance company or other private company approved by Medicare to provide pharmaceuticals. How the provider is chosen will depend upon whether the beneficiary has original Medicare Part A and Part B coverage with independence in choosing its providers, or has joined a Medicare “Advantage Plan” under Part C, which is sometimes called a Health Maintenance