Avoiding SSI Reductions When An Adult With Disabilities Lives With Family

Avoiding SSI Reductions When An Adult With Disabilities Lives With Family

By Neal A. Winston, CELA

When individuals with disabilities live with family members, it can complicate their eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Since SSI’s monthly cash payments are meant to pay for food and shelter, contributions from others for such living expenses may reduce SSI or could disqualify the beneficiary completely.

With planning, that can be avoided. SSI rules are complicated,…

Current Massachusetts Medicaid (MassHealth) Numbers

For those who are receiving Medicaid (MassHealth), the chart below outlines the key numbers to know for 2017.

If you have any questions about what these numbers mean or would like more information on qualifying for MassHealth, please feel free to contact us.

Community Spouse Resource Allowance: 2015 2016 2017
Minimum $23,844.00 $23,844.00 $24,180.00
Maximum $119,220.00 $119,220.00 $120,900.00
Resource Allowance for Individual: $2,000.00 $2,000.00 $2,000.00
Monthly Maintenance

Your IRA or Retirement Account When You Die

This is the first installment in a series that will be printed in this newsletter every third edition to describe the options and details for establishing an estate plan by the owner of these accounts.

IRAs and employer sponsored retirement accounts (i.e., 401K, 403b, etc.) often hold a substantial portion of an individual’s savings upon death. Since the earnings deposited into these accounts, including accrued interest and dividends, are often untaxed or have only been partially…

You’ve Been Appointed as a Guardian or Conservator – Now What?

Massachusetts probate courts are seeing a steady increase of individuals petitioning for and being appointed as a guardian, conservator, or both, for elderly, disabled and minor individuals. Petitioning the court is the simple part; unfortunately, the requirements accompanying the appointment are not. As a result, many people are finding themselves in violation of their duties as guardian and conservator, which could result in legal and financial implications. If you are serving…