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  • Special Needs Planning: Use a Trust Protector as an Insurance Policy

    By Winston Law Group in Special Needs Planning, Trust Administration

    We asked Robert Fleming, a colleague of Neal Winston through the Special Needs Alliance, for permission to republish his recent post on the topic of appointing a trust protector to monitor and manage a special needs trust for when you no longer can.

    Planning for the lifelong care of a loved one with special needs is daunting. Even the most carefully constructed special needs trust can’t be expected to account for all contingencies. Appointing a trust protector can provide added security…

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  • Meet Neal Winston

    By Winston Law Group in Estate Planning & Asset Protection, Special Needs Planning

    Massachusetts Special Needs and Disability Lawyer

    Neal Winston is principal of Winston Law Group, LLC and a former partner of Moschella & Winston, LLP. Winston Law Group is a Boston-area law firm that specializes in elder law, special needs planning, estate planning and probate.

    In this video, Neal explains his background from working as a VISTA volunteer to helping people solve their problems with governmental agencies such as Social Security, which led to him becoming an elder…

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  • One Scary Statistic You Can Easily Avoid

    By Winston Law Group in Estate Planning & Asset Protection, Probate Administration

    Did you know that as many as 70 percent of Americans die without a will (1)? If that statistic applies to you and doesn’t scare you, then you haven’t thought about what this means for your loved ones. If you die “intestate,” meaning without a will, you leave it up to the State and the courts to decide how your property and financial assets will be distributed. At that point it will be too late to express your wishes and more importantly, protect your loved ones. You also open the door for a much more…

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