Special Needs and Life Care Planning

Special Needs and Life Care Planning

Individuals of all ages can be affected by disabilities. For decades, the attorneys of Winston Law worked to counsel individuals and families with members with disabilities and special needs. They have become leading authorities on Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and other needs based public benefit programs. Our attorneys specialize in the use of various forms of Special Needs (also referred to as Supplemental Needs) Trusts to preserve public benefit eligibility for our clients and their families.

Principal Neal Winston is an active member and former president of the Special Needs Alliance, a national invitational organization of expert attorneys who specialize in public benefits and disability law.

Special Needs Planning

Our special needs planning attorneys are experienced in:

  • Determining eligibility for state and federal public benefits
  • Preserving public benefit eligibility following a settlement or inheritance
  • Establishing Special Needs and Supplemental Trusts for both management
    and protecting public benefits
  • Incorporating special needs and long-term care planning into your estate plan

Our attorneys also work closely with other professionals who provide services to the injured and disabled.  By assisting your personal injury attorney, we provide ways to enhance and manage settlements for the long term, while maintaining SSI, Medicaid, and other public benefit eligibility.

Special Needs Trusts and Supplemental Needs Trusts

When deciding to create a special needs trust, a variety of issues including inconsistent and changing benefit program requirements, tax planning,  long term settlement management, spendthrift concerns, and individual family situations should be considered. Our attorneys can guide you through selecting the options that best fit your or the disabled individual’s short and long term planning needs.

We can also serve as professional trustee, co-trustee with family members, trust protector, or administer the trust on behalf of the family trustee.  As a testament to our experience, we are often called upon by individuals, families, and other attorneys to review and resolve trust related problems, including revising trusts, drafting amendments, and defending the trust against public agency or court inquiries.

Our attorneys also offer as-needed support, including review for continuing benefit eligibility, assistance with accountings and tax returns, and trust management opinions.

Our Special Needs Planning Attorneys

You can count on us to ease your burden, provide peace-of-mind, and guide you every step of the way.  Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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